Photo by  Jaicee Morgan

Photo by Jaicee Morgan


Hello. I'm Rachel, but I also go by Rae. You can call me whichever of those you prefer. I am a Colorado native who is married to the most wonderful human I've ever met, Michael. We live in Denver with our three dogs: Snoopy, Madison and Paloma. I'm intrigued by minimalism and try to practice a simple lifestyle with healthy habits, but I have a spark in me that keeps me from being too rigid. When I was a child, my biggest passions were reading, exploring and dogs. I haven't changed much. I love the summer season, the smell of freshly cut grass, a clean home, reading really late at night, the window seat on planes, writing, the little land that exists between awake and asleep, finding notes people have dropped, when old men wink at you as they do something ornery, sand in my toes, the light of flickering candles, long talks on the phone with my mother and so many other things. I'm an introvert, an INFJ to be exact. INFJ's are social introverts, often confused with extroverts, which is one of my plights. I'm a libra and as such, I have a deep love for balance. I believe in living life in accordance to your values as much as you can. I also believe in making new friends everywhere I go.

I can't wait to meet you.



I took my first photography class in the 9th grade. I used my dad's black-and-white film Pentax and learned to develop my own photos. It wasn't until my senior year of college that I actually started practicing photography. I bought a DSLR to take pictures for my personal blog. I signed up for an elective called "Social Documentary," where writers and photographers are paired to make journalistic stories together. It just so happened that the class had too many writers and not enough photographers and my professor asked me if I might try out the photography side. I reluctantly agreed and flew off to Washington DC to photograph the Occupy protests happening at the time. 

It took exactly one afternoon for me to feel like I had discovered my true passion. I can't even explain all of the emotions I felt, photographing protestors and politicians. I felt alive, I felt challenged. I felt ignited, but none of those words encompass the feeling I had and still have when I am looking through a lens. I took that class my full senior year, traveling to NYC, Washington DC, Santa Fe, San Francisco and Peru. When I graduated college, I had no formal training in photography - the class I took wasn't a photography skills class, it was an advanced journalism class for students who already knew the mechanics of their cameras. I began photographing everything and everyone. It didn't take long for me to start booking headshots and engagements, maternity photos and weddings. I photographed products and plants, spaces and people. 

I moved in an out of jobs, thinking it would be far too difficult to make a living doing photography alone. I never stopped shooting though. I have a camera with me at all times, be it my iPhone 7, Fuji X100T, Instax Mini, Holga or my Canon 5D Mark iii. I'm obsessed. In 2017, I decided to make the leap back into shooting photos as often as I can. Nowadays, it's not only my passion, but also a job for me.

If you're curious what kinds of photos I shoot now, check out my portfolio. To see my work out in the wild, check out my Press & Brand Collabs page.