Bret for Slay Lash and Brow

Happy Halloween, my friends. I’ve been waiting for literally ten months to share these photos. Which is pretty impressive for little miss “spill the beans” over here. I’m a terrible secret/surprise keeper. I shot these photos back in January with Denver model Bret Sundberg for one of my clients, Slay Lash and Brow. I had this concept of bringing black lace and candles (which were leftover from Christmas, comically) and honestly that was it. Such a simple concept.

Looking at these photos is a reminder of the incredible magic that can happen when I keep things simple. For the past few months I’ve been trying to pull off these huge shoots with makeup artists and lots of props and scenes that I labor away on by hand and well, this shoot with Bret was sorta last minute and I literally brought stuff from my home and it was so simple and quick.


The primary point of the shoot was to show off Bret’s gorgeous microbladed eyebrows for Slay. I’m not sure exactly where the witchy vibe came from in January, but maybe its the freezing cold and the dead grass. Maybe it was just that my heart is naturally black inside. Who knows.


Anywho, I hope everyone is safe out there tonight. We’re making a pumpkin roll and meatballs and heading out to trick-or-treat with our friends children. Keep it spooky, y’all.

Rachel Scott
Reign Rituals

I’ve been working on a ton of personal branding photos here in Colorado lately. There are so many female entrepreneurs popping up and opening their own businesses. It’s honestly my absolute favorite kind of photography to do. I’ve been working with skincare, salons, wellness coaches and now I can add Reign Rituals to my portfolio.

Reign Rituals is a CBD skincare line, run by the beautiful James, pictured here. James is such a badass woman, I am thrilled she chose me to photograph her Denver branding photos. She was so prepared - usually for my clients, I put together a moodboard for our shoot if necessary, but Jamie had one ready for me out the gate. I will say, it can be so nice when someone knows what they are looking for.


Jamie wanted personal branding photos that were non-traditional. No overly stuffy headshot poses, no typical Colorado landscapes. We were able to rent out Ft. Greene, a beautifully decorated victorian-esque bar here in Denver for her location. It was a cool challenge to not be able to scope the lighting before our shoot, as the bar isn’t open early in the morning when we chose to take photos. It worked so perfectly. A pleasant reminder to relinquish some of my control sometimes.


James came with her a-game and we rolled through a lineup of poses I had ready for her until we were completely comfortable working together - laughing, talking about music and she told me about her story of when she moved to Denver. I think I love photographing Denver female entrepreneurs in part, because I identify with them and I feel like I understand what they are looking for more organically than any other type of client. It’s also that I love making new friends though and Jamie definitely became someone I want to hang out with.

Curious about seeing more personal branding work of mine? Just click here.

Rachel Scott

Oh those glorious moments when the universe aligns and brings you to a brand that is exactly what you’re looking to photograph. Hannah of Simka Rose contacted my through a mutual friend that I photograph and asked me if I’d be interested in working with some younger kiddos to photograph her product line. We setup for the day in the Denver Photo Collective and made so many kinds of magic happen. This shoot was inclusive of mamas - which was super fun for me. We had three babies crawling around, lots of outfit changes and of course, a huge amount of delicious snacks to fill up the Simka Rose bibs.


Shoots like this always end up being a landmark for me. They’re a beacon in my career - I dream of being the go-to Colorado branding photographer and this feels like the direction that makes my heart sing. I love combining products and portraits. It’s also so inspiring to see Denver small business photography have a moment and blow up a little. So proud of all the entrepreneurs in my home city. I think Simka Rose is a product line that offers something amazing - clean minimalist bibs for a discerning mom. It’s nice to see something that doesn’t have a Disney character on it for children.


Have a small business in Denver and on the hunt for a photographer? Call/text/email/smoke signal me. I am so your girl. I love doing the planning process and all the art direction during the shoot, but having my client with me to make sure I understand their product. What a dream come true! Check out more branding photos here.

Wild Soul Speak | Branding Portraits Pt.1

Ana reached out with a first-of-its-kind request to me. She found me via Instagram and was curious if I was interested in shooting branding photos for her. If you don't know what that is, welcome to the club. I had taken headshots before in the past, but had never done the type of thing she was looking for: she needed photos that not only showed off her beautiful face, but also gave an idea of her work.


Ana is a coach/therapist and badass woman entrepreneur. She is on the quest to develop her personal brand and needed me to capture photos for her website and social media. Everything she does is right up my alley. She works within a huge range as far as clients, mediums and tools go. 


We broke Ana's session into three parts, shot over two different days. This post shows the first part: her studio. She practices (and teaches!) yoga in this space with her personal office being located in the same building. She wanted to be captured in her natural environment and give prospective clients a feel for what a session with her could be like. I love love loved this part of our shoot, because I often am looking for locations to set my subjects in, rather than shooting them in their own space. It was so neat to see her in this room, using her books, tarot/intuition cards and other tools she loves.


She showed me several of her books (if you need book recommendations, she is DEF your woman) and we bonded over our mutual love of crystals and cards. Everything Ana brought to the shoot was incredibly thoughtful. She picked outfits with her website colors in mind and chose props that would make meaningful photos to share on social media.


Stay tuned to see the next part of our shoot and follow Ana on instagram here.

colorado portrait photography

One of the absolute most special things about being a photographer is the people you get to meet and capture. Sometimes photography is the driving force in meeting new people, but with Caitlyn, we had followed each other on social media for quite a while and decided to finally get together and be real life friends. We didn't schedule a photoshoot — Caitlyn was just sweet enough to let me take some photos of her while we hung out.

denver portrait photography
denver portrait photography

The thing about capturing Caitlyn is that she is one of the most gentle, kind, sublime humans I have ever meant. She's been through so much in her life and her exterior is quiet, peaceful and sweet as honey. Inside though, she's tough. She's more than tough, she is resilient and solid. It's this combination that made me instantly fall in love with her. In so many ways we are so similar and it's a unique experience, finding someone who not only shares similar life experiences to you, but has also come out of the fire and feels like they have a similar soul to you. I chose my blog and instagram name, Soft Spirit Strong, as a reflection of how delicate, yet strong my spirit is. Caitlyn and I are made of the same things.


colorado portrait photographer

We ended up walking around the South Broadway neighborhood, her stomping grounds, all day long. We found this grimy old motel and decided to stop and take some photos in front of it. Words cannot express how happy it makes me when one of my friends is willing to let me just photograph them in public. I love the combination of hanging out and adventuring and then stopping whenever I feel inspired and snapping a shot. No pressure, pure joy. Anyway, we saw the motel a few months later and it's being demolished. So it's kind of cool that we were able to capture this seedy old structure before it turned to dust. I wish I knew the owner, so I could send them some photos.

denver fashion photographer

Caitlyn dreams of opening her own vintage store in Denver. Honestly, she's the perfect person to do it. She's so good at finding gorgeous items from times past. Right now she works at the ultra-cool Meek Vintage. I cannot wait to see what this woman does in the future - she is truly a force. 

colorado fashion photographer
denver branding photographer

Here's to making new friends, further explorations into photography and human connection! Thank you Caitlyn for letting me capture these moments with you.