colorado portrait photography

One of the absolute most special things about being a photographer is the people you get to meet and capture. Sometimes photography is the driving force in meeting new people, but with Caitlyn, we had followed each other on social media for quite a while and decided to finally get together and be real life friends. We didn't schedule a photoshoot — Caitlyn was just sweet enough to let me take some photos of her while we hung out.

denver portrait photography
denver portrait photography

The thing about capturing Caitlyn is that she is one of the most gentle, kind, sublime humans I have ever meant. She's been through so much in her life and her exterior is quiet, peaceful and sweet as honey. Inside though, she's tough. She's more than tough, she is resilient and solid. It's this combination that made me instantly fall in love with her. In so many ways we are so similar and it's a unique experience, finding someone who not only shares similar life experiences to you, but has also come out of the fire and feels like they have a similar soul to you. I chose my blog and instagram name, Soft Spirit Strong, as a reflection of how delicate, yet strong my spirit is. Caitlyn and I are made of the same things.


colorado portrait photographer

We ended up walking around the South Broadway neighborhood, her stomping grounds, all day long. We found this grimy old motel and decided to stop and take some photos in front of it. Words cannot express how happy it makes me when one of my friends is willing to let me just photograph them in public. I love the combination of hanging out and adventuring and then stopping whenever I feel inspired and snapping a shot. No pressure, pure joy. Anyway, we saw the motel a few months later and it's being demolished. So it's kind of cool that we were able to capture this seedy old structure before it turned to dust. I wish I knew the owner, so I could send them some photos.

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Caitlyn dreams of opening her own vintage store in Denver. Honestly, she's the perfect person to do it. She's so good at finding gorgeous items from times past. Right now she works at the ultra-cool Meek Vintage. I cannot wait to see what this woman does in the future - she is truly a force. 

colorado fashion photographer
denver branding photographer

Here's to making new friends, further explorations into photography and human connection! Thank you Caitlyn for letting me capture these moments with you.