Oh those glorious moments when the universe aligns and brings you to a brand that is exactly what you’re looking to photograph. Hannah of Simka Rose contacted my through a mutual friend that I photograph and asked me if I’d be interested in working with some younger kiddos to photograph her product line. We setup for the day in the Denver Photo Collective and made so many kinds of magic happen. This shoot was inclusive of mamas - which was super fun for me. We had three babies crawling around, lots of outfit changes and of course, a huge amount of delicious snacks to fill up the Simka Rose bibs.


Shoots like this always end up being a landmark for me. They’re a beacon in my career - I dream of being the go-to Colorado branding photographer and this feels like the direction that makes my heart sing. I love combining products and portraits. It’s also so inspiring to see Denver small business photography have a moment and blow up a little. So proud of all the entrepreneurs in my home city. I think Simka Rose is a product line that offers something amazing - clean minimalist bibs for a discerning mom. It’s nice to see something that doesn’t have a Disney character on it for children.


Have a small business in Denver and on the hunt for a photographer? Call/text/email/smoke signal me. I am so your girl. I love doing the planning process and all the art direction during the shoot, but having my client with me to make sure I understand their product. What a dream come true! Check out more branding photos here.