Bret for Slay Lash and Brow


Happy Halloween, my friends. I’ve been waiting for literally ten months to share these photos. Which is pretty impressive for little miss “spill the beans” over here. I’m a terrible secret/surprise keeper. I shot these photos back in January with Denver model Bret Sundberg for one of my clients, Slay Lash and Brow. I had this concept of bringing black lace and candles (which were leftover from Christmas, comically) and honestly that was it. Such a simple concept.

Looking at these photos is a reminder of the incredible magic that can happen when I keep things simple. For the past few months I’ve been trying to pull off these huge shoots with makeup artists and lots of props and scenes that I labor away on by hand and well, this shoot with Bret was sorta last minute and I literally brought stuff from my home and it was so simple and quick.


The primary point of the shoot was to show off Bret’s gorgeous microbladed eyebrows for Slay. I’m not sure exactly where the witchy vibe came from in January, but maybe its the freezing cold and the dead grass. Maybe it was just that my heart is naturally black inside. Who knows.


Anywho, I hope everyone is safe out there tonight. We’re making a pumpkin roll and meatballs and heading out to trick-or-treat with our friends children. Keep it spooky, y’all.

Rachel Scott